Aleksandra Waliszewska

born 1976 in Warsaw, Poland,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Aleksandra Waliszewska is a painter; in the last few years she has been producing mainly drawings and gouaches. The Capsule, a 2012 film made by the Greek director Athina Rachel Tsangari was based on her works.

In her art, Alesandra Waliszewska, a painter od Apocalypse, explores non-contemporary sources. Some of the work presented at the exhibition is a reference to the late-16th century graphic artist Jan Ziarnko. In recent years, the artist has repeatedly returned to the themes of oppression, torture, sexual subjugation and bestiality, both in the sense of hybrid species and bloodthirsty behaviour. The victims – less frequently than the perpetrators – are women, at the mercy of humanoid beasts and sadistic men. Waliszewska’s monumental opus is a morality tale for our time, one splintered into thousands of chapters, which, as the artist ironically put it, talking to Maurizio Cattelan. is a ‘warning against evil before the time of joy and sweetness comes’.


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