Anna Molska 

born 1983 in Prudnik, Poland,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Anna Molska is an audiovisual artist, she is known for her unusual take on classical themes such as the perspective, portrait and nude painting, or modernist ideas (including the Oskar Hansen tradition of open form). 

Artist's works in the collection

In her project Mutants, Molska takes on board feminist issues, applying the idiom of the absurd: she tells the story of a matriarchal community of older women who live away from civilisation. The protagonists, who have functioned efficiently within their self-set social norms and hierarchies, are suddenly confronted with contemporary reality when in their community arrive two men, whose presence undermines its pre-existing order.The artist has written the script herself, paying attention to the visual and ideological concept behind the film. Part of the visual backup is the sculpture of the film that presents the evolving 3D mind map of the film, with particular elements representing the key plot developments. 

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