Anna Zaradny

born 1977 in Szczecin, Poland,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Anna Zaradny is a visual and sound artist, author of installations and objects, composer, and improviser. She reaches for avant-garde musical traditions, questioning the format of closed music works and of stage space limitations.

Zaradny’s newest work, PUNCTUS CONTRA PUNCTUM, is a film-score, an (autonomous) prelude to a larger project she is working on now. The film forms part of the artist’s research of composition and of relations between sound, vision, music, and space. The author refers to mediaeval and renaissance composing technique consisting in counterpoint compositions matching fixed or formerly composed melodies: note counters note, sign counters sign. The analogue image is the cantus firmus (fixed song), with sound as the counterpoint. The non-specificity of the source (in sound and vision alike) is of key importance to the artist, referring the spectator/listener to the music of the spheres.

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