Attila Csorgo

born 1965 in Budapest, Hungary,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Attila Csörgő's installations are inspired by mathematical and physical problems. Investigating the relationship between the plane, time and space, he throws doubt on the mechanisms of perception.

In Clock-work, Csörgő plays with concepts of the representation of time, presenting its metaphorical images as a result of a mathematical precision of construction. The work consists of a device constructed from simple materials, equipped with a ticking second-marking mechanism and two shadows projected by the device onto the wall.  The shadows that present the construction from different perspective combine into the shape of a circle and a horizontal figure of eight. These immobile, geometric symbols of time (going the full circle and infinite) contrast with the dynamics of the functioning of the clock mechanism.

Produced with the assistance of the Atelier Calder and CNAP.

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