Goldex Poldex

live and work in Warsaw, Poland.

Goldex Poldex is an independent organisation (co-operative) formed by Janek Simon, Janek Sowa, and Jakub de Barbaro, operating in Krakow in the years 2008–2012, currently under re-establishment by its members in Warsaw. Since its early days, the co-operative’s founders strived for possible autonomy in joint activity, creation, and thinking. 

Goldex Poldex’s founding myth involved the opening of a Polish goldmine on the island of Madagascar to the purpose of testing funding methods for cultural and social activities as an alternative to state and/or private sponsoring. The L.T.C. Mine, set up as part of the As You Can See exhibition space, is a mine of lightcoins – a digital crypto-currency which Goldex Poldex members intend to use to finance their upcoming activities. 

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