Honorata Martin

born 1984 in Gdańsk, Poland,
lives and works in Gdańsk, Poland.

Honorata Martin is a painter, graphic artist and draughtsperson. Traditional media apart, the artist focuses on performance art, wherein she experiments with borderline experiences (e.g. in the Come and Get What You Want project). 

On Egress Into Poland is a two-part project: the artist’s personal experience, and the film documentary describing that experience and shown at the exhibition. As step one, Martin walked out into Poland, abandoning anything and everything which defined and guaranteed her social status. All she took was a change of clothing, a sleeping bag and her dog. Martin walked out of Gdańsk, to then cover 30 kilometres per day, visiting small towns and asking local residents for shelter and assistance. Part two involved a documentary by the artist – a unique atlas of second-class Poland, and a record of radical existential experience, depersonalisation and fear. 

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