Jan Smaga

born 1974 in Warsaw, Poland,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Jan Smaga is a graphic artist by background, yet with photography as his basic medium. Since 1999, has been working in tandem with Aneta Grzeszykowska; many of the team’s joint projects were attempts to express three-dimensional reality in two-dimensional images. 

Artist's works in the collection

In his newest work, Smaga shows a number of abstract photographs documenting the operation of a special homemade form allowing the conversion of three-dimensional space into two-dimensional images. For purposes of each converted space, Smaga developed a separate dedicated form to best absorb the colour and light of the given space. The artist turned himself into a self-appointed documentalist, who records surroundings in a photographic projection while attempting to reach nonmediated reality, or at least to capture its versatile nature. 

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