Katarzyna Krakowiak

born 1980 in Gdańsk, Poland,
lives and works in Gdańsk, Poland.

Katarzyna Krakowiak creates sculptures, objects and sound installations.
Her works are usually intangible and take the form of acoustic environments
in which the viewer/listener is welcome to submerge. 

The art of Krakowiak is strictly related to the parameters of architecture, which the artist sees as an instrument – as was the case with Making the walls quake as if they were dilating with the secret knowledge of great powers, which was presented in the Polonia pavilion at the 13th Architecture Biennial in Venice. The artist’s new anima- tions, shown at As You Can See, make us aware of how one can see what one can hear. The work is made up of dynamic acoustic maps of two places with connections to the present and the future of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw: its temporary seat, namely the Emilia Pavilion designed in 1970, and the Museum’s future location, namely Plac Defilad. 

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