Konrad Smoleński

born 1977 in Kalisz, Polska,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland and Berne, Switzerland.

Konrad Smoleński is a musician, author of sculptures and sound installations. He represented Poland at the 55th Venice Biennale. Together with Daniel Szwed he formed the music group BNNT. 

Artist's works in the collection

The performative element is crucial for BNNT: taking the audience by surprise, creating impact by noise and a terrorist image. Smoleński employing a sound bombing – the car with the masked musicians appears in various unexpected places and a concert takes place, with Szwed on percussion and Smoleński playing his bomb – an instrument that he constructed,whose shape is reminiscent of a Tomahawk rocket. BNNT’s concerts in galleries have the ambiance of temporary sound sculptures, whilst those recorded on CDs tend to be organised musical structures, at times also featuring invited musicians. The installation displayed at the exhibition As you can see brings to mind a grindhouse cinema, showcasing the original vehicle belonging to BNNT, used to present recordings of the group’s concerts. 

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