Marzena Nowak

born 1977 in Piaseczno, Poland,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Marzena Nowak is an author of paintings, sculptures, installations and films. In her works, the artist usually addresses the issues of memory and amnesia as well as time travel through contact with objects. 

Most of the works that Nowak has produced since her student times (clothes patterns transferred in pencil onto a canvas, repainted family photographs, fragments of floor finishes, textile and wool installations and so on) are autobiographical in character. This is also the case with a group of three almost identical sculptures presented at the exhibition – steel saws, a grim recollection of former game-playing. The oppressive, absurd objects accumulate sorrow and the inability to stop the passage of time, thus the disintegration of the body and the deformation of memories. In the title of the work Space has always reduced me to silence, the artist recalls the autobiographical book L’enfant by Jules Vallès, a French journalist and writer, involved in the Paris Commune. 

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