Mikołaj Moskal

born 1985 in Cracow, Poland,
lives and works in Cracow, Poland.

Mikołaj Moskal's main medium is graphic art, mainly distemper on paper. Collecting information and seeking inspiration are important parts of the artistic process, which enable the artist to create contemplative and harmonious worlds.

Moskal works with lines and splashes of colour. He uses a limited palette, creating smooth, texture-free surfaces, always with a pared-down and closed composition He pays particular attention to the characteristics of the materials employed (the crudeness and roughness of paper as one example) and the aspect of sensual and emotional experience. He uses the term ‘sensory intuition’, which, for him, precedes the intellectual process. Moskal’s works are, above all, activity within visual order. The synthetic figures, objects and shapes that he produces are simultaneously reminiscent of concrete objects and remain abstract creations. Supra-cultural, they seem suspended in a historical vacuum.

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