Olaf Brzeski

born 1975 in Wrocław, Poland,
lives and works in Wrocław, Poland.

Olaf Brzeski in a sculptor, filmmaker and draughtsman of 3D pieces. Interested in the viewer’s perceptive habits as well as in topics bordering on psychoanalysis and art theory. 

Artist's works in the collection

Brzeski’s Dry and Moist series was inspired by Jonathan Littell, the writer highlighting hidden meanings of such opposing concepts as dry-moist, or rigid-spilt. Brzeski also examines such opposites, and the way of expressing them in the language of art. The first piece in the series shows a sealed mysterious object, seemingly lifted out of water seconds before. Its moist nature symbolises content forgotten or repressed. Not only is Brzeski precise in selecting materials for his sculptures, but also very specific in their usage (e.g. steel rods were formed to resemble climbing plants). 

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