Robert Kuśmirowski

born 1973 in Łódź, Poland,
lives and works in Lublin, Poland.

Robert Kuśmirowski's main media are performance and installation. The focus of his activity is manufacturing imitations of various historical objects and spaces. His creative impetus is combined with a great attention to detail and nostalgia for the ethos of craftsmanship. 

Artist's works in the collection

Telegraphone is a compilation of elements of early devices for recording sound. Kuśmirowski was inspired by the phonograph, Edison’s 1877 invention, a prototype of the tape recorder (the original telegraphone was patented in 1898) and the technology of the tonal recording of messages. The presented object, an impressive display of the artist’s craft dexterity, is for Kuśmirowski also a tool for conducting an analysis into analogue methods of sound recording. Objects that are of historic interest today have been used as inspiration for contemporary artistic exploration. 

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