Slavs & Tatars

live and work in Paris and Tel Aviv.

Slavs & Tatars is an international art collective formed in 2006. Their work comprises installations, objects, performative lectures, and publications. In their own words, they are interested in history and politics east of the Berlin Wall, and west of the Great Wall of China. 

Artists' works in the collection

In their Friendship of Nations, Slavs and Tatars confronted two historical events from two distant regions of the world, developing a surprising analogy between them. One was the Iranian revolution of 1979, in the wake of which Iran became an Islamic republic.The other was the Solidarity revolution in Poland, and the 1989 downfall of communism. In the historical perspective offered by Slavs and Tatars, changes in Poland and Iran prove similar to one another. According to the artists, in both cases we are ultimately placed in a system with religion as its dominating component. 

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