Sławomir Pawszak

born 1984 in Warsaw, Poland,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Sławomir Pawszak graduated in painting under Prof. Leon Tarasewicz. His works deal with the theme of painting and being a painter. He avoids narratives, whilst emphasising that his paintings aim at representation. 

In Pawszak’s most recent works there have appeared figurative elements – now, no longer mere amorphic smudges and blotches, observed in the studio and emulated on the canvas, but also everyday objects or fruit. The painting Untitled (Watermelon) encapsulates this new stage in the Pawszak’s art, which results from the artist’s analysis of his surroundings; through Internet access he makes available an infinite number of second-hand images. Pawszak draws on hip-hop, while in music – on flow, which in art is intended to manifest itself in witty juxtapositions of forms and shapes, or – according to the artist – a ‘feeling of freedom, being laid back, true to your own self.’ 

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