Tomasz Baran

born 1985 in Stalowa Wola, Poland,
lives and works in Kraków, Poland.

Tomasz Baran's main media are abstract painting and object-painting. His paintings are often sculptorly in nature; they acquire a third dimension through deformations of the surface of the canvas or the bulging of the ground. 

In his minimalist and abstract work, Baran is mainly interested in the spatial and physical properties of painting. The artist sprays paint or car lacquer to create object-paintings that bring to mind colour samplers and the colour correction tools in computer programmes. In the two paintings presented in the exhibition (which form a part of a larger series) that share the characteristics of using graduated and mechanical application of colour, the artist creates an impression of movement, through alteration of the proportions between the colour and the white, cut-out spaces. Baran’s work is cold, dehumanised, new-media.The artist does not send the viewer off to any references beyond the image-as-is. 

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