Tymek Borowski

born 1984 in Warsaw, Poland,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Tymek Borowski is a painter, graphic artist, filmmaker. In recent years, he walked away from painting to focus on web- based activities and graphic design. He is primarily concerned with the production and distribution of memes in a commentary of essential existential themes. More info: http://tymekborowski.com/

The exhibition shows a series of infographics and a film: Life Looks Life This. Using new media and popular psychology books of the “improve your life” brand, Borowski seeks practical responses to fundamental philosophical and aesthetic questions. LUCA is a portrait of the master cell wherefrom all living organisms on earth evolved. Borowski suggests a new vision of community thinking: the artist believes that an image of the ancestor ought to be carried in the wallet, where one usually keeps snapshots of the nearest and dearest. 

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