Artur Żmijewski

live and work in .

The series of abstract watercolours shown at the exhibition is a result of joint work by Artur Żmijewski and female inmates of one of the Warsaw penitentiary units. Every piece is a record of two people (the artist and the inmate) having met,
a documentary of bond and friendship. The meeting itself and art dialogue rather than the patronising mission of a critical artist attempting to boost the creativity of individuals who found themselves marginalised in society was of fundamental
importance. Here, art has become the most comprehensible language of  interpersonal communication, while taking on a political dimension.

Works produced in association with "Dom Kultury" Foundation (in "Sztuka na zamku" project).

Co-authors are: Natalia, Natalia, Paulina, Monika, Małgosia, Kasia, Agata, Ania, Aneta, Łucja, Ela of the Warsaw-Grochów Remand Prison.

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