Jadwiga Sawicka

born 1959 in Przemyśl,
lives and works in Przemyśl, Poland.

Jadwiga Sawicka creates paintings, photographies, objects, installations in public space. Since the 1990s, Sawicka’s paintings have been based on words and sentences taken from the mass media.



Artist's works in the collection

The paintings presented at the exhibition raise the issue of the linguistic clichés present in public debate in Poland in the 21st century and the ideologies that lurk behind them. Sawicka deliberately employs ideologically charged words such as ‘racist’, ‘nationalist’ or ‘motherland’ but she paints them in such a way that it is impossible to tell unequivocally whether the artist has in mind a ‘racial conflict’ or for example a ‘purebred’ dog. Sawicka’s art employs linguistic scraps, slogans from political banners, tabloid headlines and TV news bulletins. Sawicka is a painter of her time, vigilantly documenting the political debate polarising the contemporary Poland. She exposes the ideological inconsistencies and incoherent identities of the debate’s participants.

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