Katarzyna Przezwańska

born 1984 in Warsaw, Poland,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Katarzyna Przezwańska is a painting graduate, she carries out painting interventions in urban space. The leitmotifs of her work are colour and its role as well as perception in relation to architecture.

Artist's works in the collection

The artist noted the unfortunate colour scheme and the worn out floors and upholstery in the Conference Hall of The Sejm of the Republic of Poland. Przezwańska assumed that the state could not function efficiently if the venue for making crucial decisions were not conducive to a feeling of well-being. The artist decided to carry out consultations with members as a basis for arriving at a proposal for a new Conference Hall. Against the backdrop of other artists of her generation (referred to as ‘tired of reality’) Przezwańska’s work stands out by its faith in the effectiveness of art and in the real impact that colour has on how we function. The project has come to fruition in a model of The Sejm, produced in collaboration with architects from the WWAA studio and artists Leszek and Maciej Jasiński.

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