Maciej Sieńczyk

born 1972 in Lublin,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Maciej Sieńczyk is the author of comics Wrzątkun, Hydriola and Adventures on a Desert Island. A draughtsman and illustrator (i.e. books by Dorota Masłowska).

Sieńczyk has evolved an idiosyncratic form of Chinese-boxes graphic novel, originating in curious tales, literary clichés and dated anecdotes, written with linguistic bravado. One such story became the basis of a new, large-format drawing related to the ‘rural narrative’ at the exhibition "As You Can See". As always with Sieńczyk, nature is orderly and reproducible, whereas the exploits of his protagonists are left unresolved, hanging in mid-air. On this occasion, they are farmers to whom various unexpected things happen. Sieńczyk avails himself freely of unfashionable and forgotten stylistic trends and narratives; for instance, he draws inspiration from the ludicrous stories published in the 1990s in the magazine "Skandale [Scandals]".

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