Monika Sosnowska

born 1972 in Ryki, Poland,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Monika Sosnowska creates sculptures, objects and installations, usually related to architectural styles, such as modernism (dating back to the 1920s).  She investigates the characteristics of building materials, their decay and deformation.

Artist's works in the collection

In the last few years, Sosnowska has abandoned labyrinthine installations in favour of more sculpture-like, free-standing objects. The artist examines the durability and density of building materials. The work Bar was created on the basis of a ‘bar module’, consisting of a bar worktop and bar stools. The artist recreated and deformed the object. In this manner, a surreal sculpture was arrived at; it brings to mind decayed dockyards, exposed to the elements and pressure from developers. Sosnowska works in the ‘grey zone’ in between architecture and sculpture, where the object or a building loses its functionality and becomes a focus for aesthetic contemplation.

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