Paulina Ołowska

born 1976 in Gdańsk, Poland,
lives and works in Raba Niżna, Poland.

Paulina Ołowska is a painter, photographer and performer. In her work, she combines purely artistic means of expression with utilitarian art; she also returns to forgotten ideas, trends and personalities.

Artist's works in the collection

Her work harks after a 2010 project in which the artist in a village in the mountain region near Krakow covered the façade of the Rabcio theatre building with large-format paintings inspired by the projects of Jerzy Kolecki. During the 1960s and 70s, Kolecki created innovative stage sets and posters for several dozen performances of the Puppet Theatre. On the one hand, Ołowska returns to Kolecki’s works (in the selection of her posters and the series of postcards), which fits in with her strategy of reviving forgotten aesthetics. On the other hand, loyal to her idea of returning women to their rightful place in history and culture, she paints on the façade of the Museum monumental, female eyes and lips, straight from characters invented by Kolecki – thereby creating the impression that ‘Emilia’ has come to life.

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