Piotr Bosacki

born 1977 in Poznań, Poland,
lives and works in Poznań, Poland.

Piotr Bosacki is an author of animated films and objects. Literary and music creations are his other interests. He was connected to the Poznań-based Penerstwo and to Grupa KOT. 

Artist's works in the collection

In his Animated Objects series, Bosacki uses simple mechanisms (such as power barbecue motors, light bulbs, tape, and/or string) to construct a variety of mobile assemblies. Each piece tells a separate and absurd mini-tale, a resultant of mechanism simplicity and stylish humour. Setting each abstract drawing in motion, the artist uses his animated film experience. Animated Objects encompass all components typical for Bosacki’s art: irony and fascination with mechanics and repetitiveness of certain phenomena, blended in with his love for sophisticated through simple solutions and cognitive scepticism. 

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