Piotr Janas

born 1970 in Warsaw, Poland,
lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Piotr Janas was born 1970 in Warsaw, where he continues to live and work. Painter. Considered a protagonist of the new wave of surrealism in Polish art; many artists more than a decade younger and weary of so-called reality refer to him in their work. 

Janas’ surreal compositions blend in figurativeness with the abstract, organicity with technique, the soft and carnal with the acute and geometrical. The viewer is simultaneously pleased and revolted. The artist’s new work was created in the form of a Rorschach test, used in psychoanalysis to diagnose unrealised content and/or mental disorders. Janas reached for a set of components typical to his work: faecal smears, pink bodily skin coatings, self-penetrating amorphous creatures, human organs suspended in plasma and fluids. The painting suggests 20th-century tachisme – non-geometrical abstractionism taking on the form of an aggressive attack on canvas

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