Rafał Bujnowski

born 1974 in Wadowice, Poland,
lives and works in Cracow, Poland.

Rafał Bujnowski is a painter, graphic designer, an author of videos, installations and artistic actions. A recurrent preoccupation of Bujnowski’s art is painting itself – the issues of the authenticity of a work and the relationship between the representation and the original as well as mimesis.

Artist's works in the collection

Panorama is a new version of the largest and most monumental of Bujnowski’s paintings to date, presented at the BWA in Zielona Góra. At the 2011 exhibition there, only this single canvas was displayed; it had been painted in situ, a few days before the opening. For a number of years Bujnowski has been systematically exploring the limits of minimalism in painting, veering between a conceptual dialogue with Kazimierz Malewicz’s work and the confrontation of abstraction with figuration. He fills his consistently black, monochromatic paintings with long, even paint strokes that become landscapes and figurative scenes or remain a pure, abstract play of colour and light on the texture of the canvas.

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