Wysocki & Jałowiński

live and work in Warsaw, Poland.

Piotr Wysocki - born 1976 in Dębno Lubuskie, lives and works in Warsaw. Documentary films, video installations, workshops, open-air actions and happenings.

Dominik Jałowiński - born 1981 in Lublin, lives and works in Warsaw. Painting, actions in public space and performance.

The film Run Free is a film documentation of the workshop that the artists conducted on the site of the Łucznik factory and the Radomiak sports stadium. The artists set the activities in the context of the workers’ riot in Radom in 1976, brutally stifled by the police. To participate in the project, Wysocki and Jałowiński invited two antagonistic groups: policemen and young men practising free running – an acrobatic version of parkour, which often had led to the men being chased by the police. The task facing the worshop’s participants was to work out jointly a choreographic routine based on tactical formations that the police use when trying to control explosive situations. The artists transformed a potential confrontation of sworn enemies into a creative, communal activity which, in a positive way, transcended the events of 1976.

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