Bianka Rolando

born 1979 in Warsaw,
lives and works in Poznań, Poland.

Bianka Rolando is a writer, poet and visual artist – the author of drawings, installations and objects. She pursues writing and art in parallel.

Artist's works in the collection

Her drawings on black-and-white photographs from the series Attempts at Baptism and Sunrises, 2011 (the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw) attempt to capture inexpressible and meta-linguistic experiences and phenomena. The works are auto-thematic; for Rolando, drawing is, in the words of the artist herself, a medium with an ‘anarchic world-creative potential’. The worlds conjured by her are full of compulsively scratched out lines and blotches, fragments of illegible text or modernist ruins against a background of washed-out landscapes. Rolando’s worlds are both to be viewed and to be read. In parallel to her series Attempts at Baptism, the artist has published A Little Book about Drawing, a volume of reflections on art.

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