Wojciech Doroszuk

born 1980 in Głogów, Poland,
lives and works in Rouen, France.

Wojciech Doroszuk makes films, usually documentaries. He is interested in outsiders, extraordinary characters (e.g. a Turkish transsexual, a street poet from New York, a pathomorphologist – connoisseur of naive art) and unique places (such as the long-closed fairground in Ankara). 

The staged film Festin refers to bestiaries in art, allegoric representations of animals shown e.g. by Flemish animalists, such as Frans Snyders, Paulus Potter, or the van Kessels: Jan and Ferdinand. Vanity pieces (showing feasting dogs, insects swarming among the finest of foods) usually carry supplementary meaning: they show a world without people and the species-related hierarchies they impose. Doroszuk shows the culture-nature clash as visual and sound excess. Festin is a sophisticated trailer of the end of the world. 

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