Post-New Media Art

This section of the exhibition shows artists using new computer media without focusing on the technology itself, but rather perceiving it in a much broader context of cultural and scientific changes. This is art of an IT society, networked and focused on data processing. Its key terms include cognitive capitalism, post-humanism, and complexity sciences.

Artists such as Norman Leto or Tymek Borowski attempt to blend reflections concerning new media with essential philosophical questions about man, life, and free will. They refer to technological changes in ordinary life, such as the appearance of HD and 3D aesthetics, and to the development of the worldwide web and community media as platforms used for purposes of distributing knowledge and images. Nonetheless, they go beyond the global phenomenon of post-net aesthetics, reaching for traditional media – e.g. painting. This community has given rise to independent artistic institutions.

Goldex Poldex and Billy Gallery are ventures based on self-organisation and new models of economic and intellectual exchange – in a sense, they are a continuation of avant-garde experiments of the 1960s and 1970s, with art bordering on technology, as well as of conceptual art traditions. We believe that operating in a new environment, they are fully capable of developing new perspectives for the development of the world of art in Poland.