Wojciech Puś

born 1978 in Łódź, Poland,
lives and works in Łódź, Poland.

Wojciech Puś is a creator of luminous installations, interactive objects, and films. His works are a simultaneous reference to the concept of cinematographics and to phenomena observed in nature. 

Artist's works in the collection

In the presented work, the artist focuses on the so-called magic hour: a myth in the world of cinematographers and film directors. It is a term used in reference to the brief periods around sunrise and sunset, when extraordinary light makes special cinematographic effects possible. Not only does Puś study cinematographic images from an operator’s and analyst’s viewpoint; he creates an intimate, secretive atmosphere by toying with the roman- ticism of a motive he is using. The artist is concerned with change occurring within the boundaries of the recording process itself – with a documentary or even naturalis- tic formula morphing into aesthetics bringing magical realism to mind. 

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